Best of 2017 - Year End Show!

Happy New Year! Time again for our annual 'Best Of' Soca radio show. Alot has happened for 2017 and each of the crew weighs in on their picks for the best in the genre from the entire year. We debate the Best Groovy Song, Best Power Song, Best Riddim, Best Artist, Song of the year and more. This year we're joined in studio by the Calypso Legend 'Crazy', special guest Kupid aka Q from Orlando, and DJ DAT joins us over the phone from Bermuda.

Best of 2017 Breakdown

Best Groovy
Carrie: Kes x Nailah Blackman - Workout, Orlando Octave - Single, Machel -  Fast Wine
Q: BlackShadow x Rupee - Tipsy
Crazy: Crazy - Selfie
Wolston - Orlando Octave - Single
Alisha - Orlando Octave - Single, iTron - D'Tribute
Majesti - Calypso Rose x Machel - Leave Me Alone
Drew - Bunji Garlin - Big Bad Soca, Machel - Fast Wine, Machel x Bunji - Buss Head, Voice - Far From Finished, Farmer Nappy x Destra - Technically
Angela - Marzville - Give It To Ya
DAT - Devon Matthews x Ella Andal - D' Journey

Best Power/Bashment
Carrie: Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme
Q: Machel Montano - Beat It
Crazy: Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme
Wolston - Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme, Bunji Garlin - 1995
Alisha - Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme
Majesti - Mya ft Uncle Ellis - Ray Tay Tay (remix)
Angela - Machel Montano - Beat It
DAT - Force it Riddim, Local Drum Riddim
Drew - Hypasounds - Dip, Freezy - Split In The Middle, Subance - Bad In Bum Bum, Uncle Ellis - I Doh Mind, Shal Marshall - Dip, Dynamite - Brave, Machel Montano - Beat It/Your Time Now

Break Out Artist
DAT - Miguel Majestre, Dynamite, Mical Teja, BlackBoy
Carrie: *Turner
Q: Nailah Blackman
Crazy: Shinelle ‘Nelly’ Cottoy
Wolston - Nailah Blackman
Alisha - Nailah Blackman
Majesti - Nailah Blackman, *Devon Matthews
Angela - Freezy
Drew - Freezy, Nailah Blackman, Marzville, Motto, Turner, *Skorch Bun It.

Best Riddim of The Year
DAT: Category 5
Carrie: Lip Service Riddim
Q: 2AM Riddim
Crazy: Optimus Riddim
Wolston: - Lip Service Riddim, V13 Riddim
Alisha: - Lip Service Riddim
Majesti: Force It Riddim, Visa Riddim
Drew: Malay Way Riddim, Whistle and Drum, Force it, Happy Days, Parallel Riddim, One O'Clock,  Lip Service, Vibration Riddim, Wahjang Riddim

Artist of The Year
DAT: Marzville, Skinny Fabulous, Voice
Carrie: Machel Montano
Q: Patrice Roberts
Crazy: Maximus (MX Prime)
Wolston: - Calypso Rose
Alisha: - Kes
Majesti: King Bubba
Angela: Marzville, King Bubba
Drew: Voice, MX Prime, Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin

Song of The Year
DAT: Hypasounds - Get Up and Move
Carrie: Machel Montano - Fast Wine
Q: King Bubba - Bubbaling
Crazy: Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme
Wolston: - Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme
Alisha: - Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme
Majesti: Machel Montano - Your Time Now
Angela: Bunji Garlin - Big Bad Soca
Drew: Freezy - Split In The Middle, Machel Montano - Fast Wine, Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme


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